Chen Dapeng ‘future assured as major force in Chinese sculpture’


PRESS RELEASE November 12 2015

Press contact Paul Harris on 07717 618400 Eml Twitter @chineseartpaul @chendapengsculp

Chinese sculptor Chen Dapeng heads home after ‘securing his future’

Chinese sculptor Chen Dapeng, who exhibited last week at the prestigious Winter Olympia Art & Antiques Fair with a 200 sq m stand, will return to China this weekend having secured his future as a major force in Chinese sculpture.

His exhibit did, of course, gain worldwide publicity in newspapers, online, on social media and on TV and radio, as a result of the unveiling of his sculpture of HM Queen Elizabeth II. His spokesman, Paul Harris, said today, “This was, of course, a mixed blessing. He had more than forty other sculptures on the stand which got very little media comment. But, as I have told Chen Dapeng, last week he became the most famous Chinese sculptor in the world – more famous, even, than Ai Weiwei.

“Although we did not actually sell his sculptures off the stand [Dapeng’s sculptures sell for an average of around £1m. each] we are in active negotiation to sell several of them. We have strong investment interest in him as a limited output sculptor with a substantial future.

“We are considering proposals made to us to exhibit his sculptures in Germany, Ireland, France, Monte Carlo and the United States.

“London Olympia, his first UK appearance, we are convinced represents the beginning of a successful career exhibiting internationally.”

And the bust of The Queen? Apparently not accepted, at least yet, by Buckingham Palace but offers have been received. It was last seen being wheeled out of Olympia, strapped to a trolley and under a red drape. Despite inaccurate reports in the press that Buckingham Palace was unaware of it being offered to Her Majesty, Paul Harris confirmed “negotiations, in writing, have been going on with the Palace since June.”


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