Chen Dapeng announces exhibition at London Olympia: Foreign Minister applauds intitiative


Chen Dapeng announces his upcoming London exhibition yesterday

The renowned Shanghai sculptor Chen Dapeng today opened a major retrospective exhibition of his quarter of a century of work and took the opportunity to announce publicly that he will exhibit at this year’s Olympia Winter Art & Antiques Fair (November 2-8 2015).

Following his successful exhibition at the Carousel du Louvre in 2013, he now seeks to expose his body of work to the British audience. Several Chinese government ministers and other dignitaries attended the event which was held in the grounds of The Dragon Building in the Songjiang suburb of Shanghai: The Dragon Building, built in the shape of China’s most significant emblem, was designed and built by Chen Dapeng and, together with other associated buildings, provides studios, workshops, offices and home for the 53 year-old sculptor.


Chen Dapeng, second left, and Minister for Foreign Affairs Xie Wei, third right

More than 150 guests from the media, government, business and academe attended the event which also featured tai chi demonstrations, tradition Chinese music and dance. It is part of The Shanghai People’s Festival 2015. The Minister of Foreign Affairs from the office of the government of Shanghai (now a region of some 25 million people), Mr Xie Wei, welcomed Mr Chen Dapeng’s efforts to export art from China to the west and evinced his support for the Olympia exhibition.


More than 150 people attended the exhibition opening and announcement. Minister for Foreign Affairs on the platform

Mr Chen Dapeng also publicly announced that Paul Harris Asia Arts ( has been appointed to represent him in the UK and to organise his exposure at Olympia. A 200 sq m series of stands have been booked at the event and it is thought he may well be the largest single exhibitor at the Winter Art & Antiques Fair, the most significant public exhibition of its type held in the winter months.


Chen Dapeng (centre), Minister of Foreign Affairs Xie Wei (right) and Sun Yumei of Chinese Art in Scotland in discussion

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